Facebook groups marketing for affiliate marketing

facebook groups marketing

Facebook groups marketing is a great way to get free traffic for your affiliate offers. But you have to know how to do it correctly in order to achieve any results.

How to use Facebook groups marketing

The first thing to do is to find Facebook groups that are in your niche and join them. If you join the right groups and use them effectively then you’ll get access to the hottest traffic that you could ask for. So let’s discuss, how you should interact with people inside of these groups.

Don’t spam your link

What a lot of affiliate marketers do is spamming their link in every group they join. So their either post their link straight away or they publish a post saying something like “I’m making $50000 a month, want to know how? Ask me!”.  And this is the worst possible way to do Facebook Groups Marketing. First of all you’re not providing any value. Second of all you’re promising something that is not covered by the real results. Believe me, most of the people who are telling you that they are making X amount of money online have never seen that money. The onece that are really earning a lot are using complatelly different methods in terms of Facebook Groups Marketing. Also think about it. What kind of people are you reaching with this kind of message? You are reaching people who want to get rich overnight. So they are looking for a quik profit. Is this really your target audience if you are serious affiliate marketer? These kind of people may buy form you, but if they don’t make this X amount of dollars a month they will quit in the following month. Because they are looking for quick results. They are not going to treat affiliate marketing as real business.

Provide value

The best way to promote your affiliate offer is not to promote it at all. I know it may sound unlogical, but this is the truth. If you go to all these Facebook Groups in your niche and answer people’s questions, you’ll attract people to you. Turn on the nottifications for the selected groups. In this way you’ll know about every post that appears in these groups. You can also post value posts that are not direcly replaying any question. As long as you provide value, you will be good. Be consistent with this, try to do it every day. Interact with people and you’ll see that they will come to you. You’ll establish yourself as an authority.

Long term strategy

Of course it is a long term strategy. You won’t see the results straight away, but when you start to see them, it will be like a snowball. And all your clients will be of high value. This is the hottest traffic that you can get. And also high quality. These will be people who are serious about affiliate marketing. Not people who are looking to get rich quick.

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