Email marketing tips: avoid the spam filters

email marketing tips

If you are an affiliate marketer than for sure you understand ho important it is to make sure that our emails are not going into the spam box. In this article you’ll find a list of email marketing tips to take into consideration.

Email marketing tips

Don’t use a gmail address for your email marketing software

This is the number one thing to avoid, using Gmail address for your email marketing software (for example Getresponse). The best email is an email set on your domain. If you don’t have a domain you can go and buy it on Namecheap or Godaddy for a few dollars.

Set the SPF Record

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication method that helps verify the sending IP is allowed to send on behalf of the sender’s domain. It is all about proving that you have the right to send emails from this specific domain. In oroder to set the SPF record you should go to your domain settings and set the SPF record there. It is a text record and for Get Response that I’m using it looks like that :
v=spf1 mx a include:_spf.getresponse.com -all

Here is an article on GetResponse site explaining more about that subject>>

You should follow similiar steps for all other email software providers.

To and From Address should be the same

Once again it is all about the settings in your email marketing software. The email address for outgoing emails and for replays should be the same.

Don’t use Spam Words

There are a lot of words like this, to name a few examples: 100%, Billion, Cash, Earn $, Discount, Free etc.

You can find quite a comprehensive list of spam trigger words in the blog article here>>

Don’t use capital letters in the titles

Writting in capital letters triggers spam filters, so try to avoid it. You can make your email stand out on the email list  in a different way and I show in the video that you will find below.

Include plain text version of your email

You can crwate your email in html and make it look good by including pictures and text formating. But always remember to create a plain text as well. It will help you to get better score.

Chcek the spam score before sending an email

All email marketing software providers enable a function that allows you to check your spam score before sending your email. You will also find a list of things that demand improvement. Just follow these steps and try to be as close to 0 spam score as posssible.


Email Marketing Tips

  1. Don’t use Gmail address for your email marketing software
  2. Make sure to set the SPF Record on your domain
  3. Set the same email address for outgoing and incoming emails
  4. Don’t use spam words in your email copy
  5. Avoid using too many capital letters in the email title
  6. Include a plain text version of your email
  7. Check the spam score before sending an email


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